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Dian Diagnostics layout New Generation of Precision Medicine by Establishing a World-class Third-party Laboratory

Recently, Roche Group of Switzerland and Foundation Medicine (FMI) announced that they have reached a merger agreement to further accelerate the development of individualized medical treatment, promote the comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) and forward the broad availability of innovative data services. Securities Times reporter learned that as a partner of Roche and FMI, Dian Diagnostics (300244) is actively promoting the deepening of the tripartite cooperation in China, so that Chinese patients can benefit as soon as possible from the world's leading comprehensive genomic profiling technology on oncology.

Stand at the forefront of the industry.

Since Dian Diagnostics began to take up agency business of medical devices, the company has worked with Roche Group for 22 years. Roche Group is not only the most important business partner of Dian Diagnostics, but also a good mentor and helpful friend. More notably, in April this year, Dian Diagnostics signed an agreement with Roche Group and FMI, which delegated an exclusive authorization of FMI’s whole-genome sequencing and analysis technology to Dian in China, thus establishing Dian’s Precision Oncology Diagnosis Laboratory. At the time Roche Group announced that FMI became its wholly owned subsidiary through an acquisition, a group of Dian’s technicians were visiting FMI’s labs in the United States and Germany for learning and exchange. “Dian is truly at the forefront of the industry.” Liu Jianyun, technical director of Dian’s Precision Oncology Diagnosis Laboratory, said, "Presently, the samples of Dian’s laboratory in Hangzhou and FMI's laboratory in Germany are similar in number. At the beginning of the project, we will try our best to operate manually. Meanwhile, we will select out and retain a number of technical staff who have mastered NGS technology. ”

The cooperative project will be completed in the second half of the year.

It is said that FMI's FoundationOneCDx™ was approved by FDA in 2017 as the first clinically verified NGS-based companion diagnostics (CDx). Under the terms of the tripartite agreement between Roche Group, FMI and Dian Diagnostics, Dian Diagnostics has been appointed as the exclusive partner of FMI in China for comprehensive genomic profiling technology on oncology, and Roche will work with Dian Diagnostics to promote the commercialization of these products in China’s clinical market. According to Dian Diagnostics, the tripartite cooperation is carried out in an orderly manner and has entered the implementation phase. The reporter learned that in addition to training expatriates, the precision oncology diagnosis laboratory will be formally established and put into use in the second half of the year. Moreover, FMI experts will be invited to Dian’s laboratory for on-site testing, technical support, examination and verification to ensure that FMI products’ operation in China will be in line with global standards. Chen Haibin said that Dian Diagnostics has worked with Roche Group for more than 20 years, and the cooperation between the two sides has witnessed the company’s evolution as well as growth and development of the team. The collaboration with FMI will enable Dian Diagnostics to master the core technology of NGS-based product testing and access the world's leading standardized process, laying the foundation for Dian Diagnostics to build a world-class third-party laboratory.