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Li Keqiang Presided Over the State Council Executive Meeting to Determine the Development Measures of “Internet Plus Healthcare”

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on April 12 to determine the development measures of “Internet Plus Healthcare” in order to address the medical problems and improve the people’s health. It was decided that efforts will be made to impose zero tariff on imports of anti-cancer drugs and encourage the import of innovative drugs to improve people’s livelihood. China is determined to bring more benefit to patients, comprehensively strengthen the construction of small rural schools and boarding schools, and provide rural children with a fair and quality compulsory education.

The meeting pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, accelerating the development of “Internet Plus Healthcare” can improve the efficiency of medical services and allow fewer errands and more convenience for patients, so that more people can share quality medical resources. The meeting determined that the first priority is to expedite the provision of online services such as booking medical consultations and inquiries of test results, and allow medical institutions to carry out Internet medical services such as return visits for some common diseases and chronic diseases. The second is to promote telemedicine coverage of all medical associations and county-level hospitals in China and promote the connection of high-quality medical resources in the east with the needs of the central and western regions, support high-speed broadband network covering urban and rural medical institutions, and establish an Internet special line to ensure the need for telemedicine. The third is to explore information sharing between prescriptions and drug retail sales in medical institutions, implement medical insurance smart audit and “one-stop” settlement, perfect the “Internet Plus Medical Care and Health” standard system, accelerate information sharing, and strengthen the supervision of medical quality and protection of information security.