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Ten medical companies are listed as the most innovative companies in the world in 2018

Recently, the list of “The Most Innovative Companies 2018” has been released by FastCompany, a famous US business media, with 350 companies included. In biotechnology, there are 10 companies on the list.
1.    Novartis, selected reason: CAR-T cell therapy for cancer.
2.    OneOme, selected reason: personalized treatment for patients based on DNA information. OneOme, a company founded by Mayo Clinic in January 2017, aims to integrate a comprehensive and cost-efficient drug-related genes solution into patients’ clinical care.
3.    GE Healthcare, selected reason: new choice of mammography for women. As a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices, GE Healthcare developed a new mammography system to detect breast cancer in 2017. Early detection of breast cancer can reduce the risk of death by 25% to 50%. The women team in the GE laboratory located on an outskirt of Paris developed a 3D mammography system (Senographe Pristina) which allows patients to control and adjust the amount of compression adopted in examination, expected to improve the experience of mammograms.
4.    Syapse, selected reason: shared data among doctors to improve cancer management.
5.    Sophia Genetics, selected reason: non-invasive liquid biopsy product. Sophia Genetics, founded in 2011, is a biotechnology company which headquarters in Switzerland, focusing on the genomics research using its own artificial intelligence technology, Sophia AI.
6.    Spark Therapeutics, selected reason: hereditary blindness treated by gene therapy.
7.    Biogen, selected reason: a therapy developed for spinal muscular atrophy.
8.    Synthego, selected reason: improved efficiency of CRISPR gene editing.
9.    WuXi NextCODE, selected reason: comprehensive big data platform for genome. With the development of DNA sequencing, large and valuable genomic data have been produced. WuXi NextCODE helps researchers manage and understand genomic data. Its business covers the whole world and it is a partner of several national population genome projects.
10. Ginkgo Bioworks, selected reason: efficient production of microbiological products for industrial use.