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China international medical device Exhibition

The C-Medical Fair covers comprehensive products, including medical electronicproducts, medical imaging equipment, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, Family health, medical supplies andhygienic materials, testing equipment and diagnostic reagents, optical products, first aidproducts, rehabilitation nursing products, as well as health information technology, providing direct and comprehensive service to the medical devices industry, from thesource to the terminal, covering the entire medical industrial chain. Every year, over 1600 medical devices manufacturers from over 20 countries and 80,000 person-times of hospital buyers、Medical buyers and dealers from over 30 countriesand regions in the world gather at C-MEDICALFAIRfor trade and communication; asthe area of the exhibition is expanding, the number of foreign exhibitors is increasingand the number of visitors is increasing year by year.

Chinese medical care market

China has a population of 1.4 billion

At present, there are more than one million medical institutions, including hospitals, emergency centers, maternal and child care service centers, community health care centers, rehabilitation centers, health centers, physical examination centers, clinics and drugstores; and among them there are 35,000 hospitals.

The investigation and research results show that 80% of Chinese hospitals favor foreign products!

Exhibition area

Imaging and diagnostics

Medical equipment and devices

Laboratory equipment

Electromedical equipment / Medical technology

Diagnostic tests

Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Disposables and consumables

IT systems and IT solutions

Medical services

Operating room product

Other health care products

International Hall

C-Medical Fair 2022

2086 booths from 1608 exhibitors

80,000+ visitors from 30 countries

Highlights of the exhibition

1. More than 30 high-end activities, including hospital management, equipment bidding, quality control, hospital informatization, orthopedics, gynecology, imaging, critical care, respiratory, and new product and new technology press conference

2. More than 30 years of big data accumulation, classification and accurate service

3. Accurate docking service between hospital and enterprise

4. Precise tracking service, personalized service and customized service for VIP customers

5. Professional, stable and excellent team with international standards

6. The powerful we media is accurate, fast, and efficient, providing you with accurate and powerful platform for promotion and publicity

7. 70000 people and 80000 medical elites and hospital decision makers face to face with you

Exhibition venue

Shanghai World Exhibition & Convention Center

Opening Hours

RegistrationandMove-in: 26-27 June,2023,

Openingceremony:(9:00—9:30) 28 June,2023

Exhibition:28-30 June,2023

Move-out:afternoon,30 June,2023


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