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On Aug 17th 2012 the Ministry of Health published the “Healthy China 2020 Strategic Research Report” and on March6th 2015 the State Council published the “National Healthcare Service Plan (2015-2020)”, which requests the major healthcare standars could reach the level of those at moderately developed countries by 2020.   Below are some important figures showing high market potential in China:

The whole market value in China is CNY 308 billion

16,169 medical devices manufacturers in China by the end of 2014

189,833 companies selling medical devices in China by the end of 2014

In 2015 the export volume is USD21.17 billion with a rise of 5.73% than 2014

In 2015 the import volume is USD17.32 billion with a rise of 9.81% than 2014

In 2015 China imported medical devices from 108 countries and regions

Number of hospital beds is expected to reach 6/1000 people in 2020 from 4.55/1000 people in 2013