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Winner Medical

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Company Profile
Winner Medical is the leading manufacturer for disposable wound-care and surgical products in China. Since 1991, we have been devoted ourselves to manufacturing, R&D and marketing cotton-based medical dressings and medical disposables, as well as consumer products under our own Purcotton brand. Winner Medical is the first companies with full product lines in the disposable medical products market registered with the FDA, as well as numerous ISO certifications. Conforming with pharmacopeia rules in the EU, US, Japan, and China, our products have quickly become the industry benchmark. Thanks to our leading position within China, we strive to pay more attention to our reputation, and continue to build upon our brand. With a multitude of local and international honours, awards, and recognitions, we have continuously been recognised by society and the industry with favourable regard. To pursuit for health, sustainable ecology, and higher living standards, enable us to continue to capitalize on our patented technologies to create great new products for the market. With the advent of Purcotton in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, we are at the forefront of fashionable and comfortable medical grade products for the home.
Add: 38th-43rd Floor, Building No.2, Huilong Business Center, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.
Exhibitors Product
  • 医用检查垫

    医用检查垫 表面由精选无纺布制成,表层干爽,透气舒适。 产品用途 适用于经期女性、产褥期女性、婴幼儿、卧床老人等的护理。

  • 细菌防护系列

    医用护理口罩-柔耳系列口罩 高透低阻过滤层,有效过滤的同时呼吸更顺畅;独特口罩剪裁,更贴合脸部线条;加宽弹力耳带设计,给予耳朵更柔软的呵护。 产品用途 用于日常出行卫生护理—过滤细菌、粉尘、花粉以及飞沫。

  • 急性伤口护理系列

    泡沫绷带 主要由聚酯泡沫制成。 产品用途 适用于多层固定前打底用。

  • 感染预防系列

    医用防护服 采用高性能纺粘无纺布及抗静电医用透析膜复合而成,质轻柔软,高防护性能。 产品用途 为医务人员在工作时接触潜在感染性患者的血液、体液、分泌物等时提供阻隔、防护作用。

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