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Bestman established

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Company Profile
Bestman established in 2001, top ten brands of fetal doppler, famous brand of fetal monitoring area in China, global leader brand of doppler blood flow detector, is an independent research, production and sales as whole’s high-tech medical equipment company. The companys R & D team is mainly composed of domestic famous researchers, returnees, maste rs and doctors, scientific research strength is very strong. After many years of efforts, the ultrasonic Doppler blood flow detector has been developed. At present, there are mainly products: ultrasonic vascular doppler, ultrasonic fetal doppler, Infusion & Blood warmer, Fetal Maternal Monitor, Syringe Destroyer, ECG machine. The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification, ISO13485:2016 medical device international quality management system certification. Products passed the European Union CE certification and the United States FDA certification. Products are exported to the country, and exported to Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, the Mi ddle East and Southeast Asia and other 98 countries and regions. The company is always in the purpose of operation that scientific and technological innovation, create wealth, return to society, for the cause of human health , and strive to build Chinas first medical equipment base, become the leader in the industry, and strive to build Chinas first medical equipment base and become a leader in the industry. At present, our company has several series of products: BV series----Ultrasonic vascular doppler detector BFW series-----Infusion & Blood warmer BF series----Ultrasonic fetal doppler BFM series----Fetal Ma ternal Monitor BD series----Syringe Destroyer ECG series----- ECG machine BEU series ----- Bounce Scanner BIC series ---- Insulin Cooler Box BSNT series ----- Vital Signs Monitor BSNF series ----- Obstetric Detector BFP series ---- Feeding Pump BVF series ---- Vein Finder BUC series ---- Cosmetic Instrument
Add: Nanshan District, Shenzhen, South Road South Oil Industry Zone 210, 4th floor
Exhibitors Product
  • 血流检测仪BV-620VP

    Feature: Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8MHz probe; Detect the blood flow average velocity, detect the result of fingers/toes and part of bodys vein anatomies operation; Blue LCD displays the blood stream peak velocity and strength. Built-in ARM microprocessor & real-time displays blood flow velocity waveform; Can store 50 detected waveforms; High-speed USB/RS -232 port, can be connected directly to computer to analyze, store, and print the waveform data; Detect peak and average blood speed Detect blood flow of peripheral vessel Detect subsection systolic pressure Detect phlebostenosis, vein occlusions Detect Systolic pressure of toes and fingers Detect blood speed during recovery Detect the pulse rate and show PR simultaneously

  • 胎心音仪 BF-560

    Feature: White backlight LCD can display FHR for darkness use: show the probe working frequency, battery capacity, Doppler signal and alarm indicator; user friendly interface makes easy operation; Output jack can be connected to instruments. ( heads et ) Sound amplified and recorded function; Clear sound with a high quality loudspeaker; 2.0MHz probe is standard probe, can be changed into 3.0MHz, 5.0MHz, 8.0MHz very easily; 1.5V batteries be chosen by alkaline battery or recha rgeable batteries.

  • 血流检测仪 BV-660T+

    Full-automatic PAD testing VASCULAR DOPPLER Feature: Obtains two pressures at each ankle site (PVR and DOPPLER) Automated segmental studies to customize the item Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation Performs the Seated ABI on mobility impaired patients Bi-Directional Doppler probe PVR waveform modality & PPG probe to obtain toe and limb pressures Parameter: Ankle-brachial index(ABI),Toe-brachial Index ,segment exams, automatics calculation of the indices Control mode: automatic cuff inflation/deflation and hand-held controller Wave mode: Bi-directional Doppler, pulse volume recording(PVR), photoplethysmography(PPG) Doppler specification: Bi-directional continuous wave(CW), waveform amplitude accuracy:+/- 10%, 8MHz PPG specification: wave length 940nm, synch ronous demodulation, AC paired PVR specification: bandwidth 0.16-12.5Hz, AC paired Display:general use 20 LCD or lager size LCD Printer: general use printer Data storage and transmission: standard configure 500GB hard disk, transmission to computer via USB 2.0 Power supply:100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

  • BFM-700M母婴监护仪

    Feature: l 5.7 inches TFT LCD displays 2 x US and 1x UC data, mothers NIBP, TEMP, RR, SpO2, and ECG main parameters and monitoring trace curve etc.; l FHR collects signal indication, alarm indication for abnormal FHR, fetal movement indication, and can freeze monitoring status; l Can s et the time limit (0-99 minutes), and automatically enter dormant state if no signal input; l Store monitoring data for 24 hours, with replay function; l Coding keyboard adjusts all parameters setting of the unit, convenient to use; l Adopt 832 thermal linear array printer, store the data and print rapidly; and printing width is 112mm; l The printer parameters can be adjusted as users’ need, including printing paper speed, trace line thickness, signal sampling rate, upper and lower alarming limit, real time, and date; l Set-up data and parameters can be automatically saved after power off; l The monitoring data can be conveyed to exterior computer through RS-232 or USB port; l Trolley (adjustable) for option, convenient to move and operate.

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